April, 2004
No. 89 (4)


A new prognostic score for patients with acute myeloid leukemia based on cytogenetics and early blast clearance in trials of the German AML Cooperative Group (240 Online Views)

T Haferlach, W Kern, C Schoch, S Schnittger, MC Sauerland, A Heinecke, T Buchner, W Hiddemann, German AML Cooperative Group

Use of a novel histone deacetylase inhibitor to induce apoptosis in cell lines of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (560 Online Views)

A Romanski, B Bacic, G Bug, H Pfeifer, H Gul, S Remiszewski, D Hoelzer, P Atadja, M Ruthardt, OG Ottmann

Outcome of very late relapse in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (226 Online Views)

C Rizzari, MG Valsecchi, M Arico, R Miniero, C Messina, G De Rossi, AM Testi, R Mura, S Galimberti, A Biondi, F Locatelli, V Conter

Intrauterine growth restriction and genetic predisposition to thrombophilia (244 Online Views)

F Franchi, I Cetin, T Todros, P Antonazzo, MS Nobile de Santis, S Cardaropoli, P Bucciarelli, E Biguzzi

Reconstitution of T-cell compartment after in utero stem cell transplantation: analysis of T-cell repertoire and thymic output (234 Online Views)

S Pirovano, LD Notarangelo, F Malacarne, E Mazzolari, F Porta, A Lanfranchi, S Giliani, S Zucca, S Pecorelli, A Albertini, AG Ugazio, L Imberti

Molecular basis of Diamond-Blackfan anemia: new findings from the Italian registry and a review of the literature (435 Online Views)

MF Campagnoli, E Garelli, P Quarello, A Carando, S Varotto, B Nobili, D Longoni, V Pecile, M Zecca, C Dufour, U Ramenghi, I Dianzan

Letters to the Editor

Anticoagulation in the antiphospholipid syndrome (222 Online Views)

P Casais, MF Alberto, LC Gennari, SH Grosso, SS Meschengieser, MA Lazzari

Recurrent Sweet's syndrome in acute myeloid leukemia successfully treated with amphotericin B (138 Online Views)

M Breccia, M D'Andrea, C Girmenia, U Bottoni, I Carmosino, F Biondo, G Alimena


Case Reports

Partial duplication of the MLL oncogene in patients with aggressive acute myeloid leukemia (157 Online Views)

C Sambani, R La Starza, C Roumier, B Crescenzi, C Stavropoulou, O Katsarou, A Karafoulidou, JH Dhalle, JL Lai, C Preudhomme, MF Martelli, C Mecucci

Restricted use of Vlambda genes in POEMS syndrome (125 Online Views)

S Martin, P Labauge, P Jouanel, JL Viallard, JC Piette, B Sauvezie

Severe autoimmune hyperthyroidism after donation of growth factor-primed allogeneic peripheral blood progenitor cells (266 Online Views)

F Kroschinsky, J Hundertmark, S Mauersberger, M Hermes, K Poppe-Thiede, C Rutt, G Ehninger, P Schuster

Aspergillus fumigatus: a rare cause of vertebral osteomyelitis (459 Online Views)

AB Santos, P Llamas, I Gadea, A Roman, D Subira, E Prieto, JF Tomas

Cranial vault lymphoma (167 Online Views)

AL Horstman, RS Go, WA Bottner

Erythrophagocytosis by neoplastic cells in a patient with myelodysplastic syndrome (119 Online Views)

S Ascani, E Sabattini, C Agostinelli, PP Piccaluga, PL Zinzani, SA Pileri

Comparative Studies

Controlled Clinical Trial

Combined chelation therapy with deferiprone and desferrioxamine in iron overloaded beta-thalassemia patients (125 Online Views)

M Athanassiou-Metaxa, A Kousi, ES Hatzipantelis, I Tsatra, M Ikonomou, V Perifanis, H Tsantali