About Haematologica

Haematologica publishes articles in the broad field of hematology, reporting on novel important findings in basic, clinical and translational research.

Haematologica's bibliometric indicators and positions among hematology journals in 2020 are shown below.

  • Impact Factor (JCR) 9.941 (8th of 76)
  • Eigenfactor Score 0.042 (6th of 93)
  • Scimago Journal Rank 2,782 (8th of 129)
  • Google Scholar h5-index 66 (4th of 20)

The journal is owned by the Ferrata-Storti Foundation (non-profit foundation), and serves the scientific community following the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) recommendations on publication ethics policies for medical journals.

Haematologica is an Open Access Publication. Detailed information on Open Access can be found at the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) website

Papers in Haematologica are published under a Creative Commons license CC BY-NC. According to this license, an article may be copied, displayed, distributed, republished or otherwise reused provided the reuse is not an adaptation or a modification and the integrity of the original paper is maintained. This license does not allow for any kind of commercial use of the paper. To modify, for print and eprint, for any commercial use or simply to request permission or clarification on what is permitted, or any other print related inquiries of Haematologica works please contact: marketing@haematologica.org. By commercial use we mean the use of the content by any commercial organization or individual for direct (sale, loan or license) or indirect (marketing campaigns, promotional materials of any kind including presentations) commercial gain or remuneration. To create an adaptation, translation, or derivative of the original work, for commercial reprints or e-prints further permission is required and can be obtained by contacting: marketing@haematologica.org

A non exhaustive list of examples of commercial reuse under the CC-BY-NC licenses is reported below.

  • Inclusion of the content of Haematologica in any publications or product for sale
  • Distribution or reprinting of Haematologica contents to promote services, product, training courses or companies and commercial organizations
  • Republication of content in presentations, brochures or other marketing materials by a commercial entity, or by any entity for commercial purposes
  • Use of the content and text and data mining activities on Haematologica contents with the goal of profit or remuneration including directly or indirectly through sale, licensing, promotion or advertising

Haematologica is included in the National Library of Medicine catalog with the following data:

Title: Haematologica
ISSN: 0390-6078 (Print) 1592-8721 (Electronic)
Title Abbreviation: Haematologica
ISO Abbreviation: Haematologica
Publication Start Year: 1920
Publisher: Ferrata Storti Foundation
Language: English
Country: Italy
Subject Term(s): Hematology
NLM ID: 0417435


The History of Haematologica

The history of the journal is described in detail in the editorial by Edoardo Ascari, published in the first issue of volume 100 of Haematologica (January 2015), and the review by Paolo Mazzarello published in the same journal in January 2020.  

The chart below summarizes the history of the first 100 years of Haematologica.