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Licenses and Reprints

When a manuscript is accepted for publication in Haematologica, the authors are asked to transfer the copyright to the Ferrata Storti Foundation, owner of Haematologica, under a Creative Commons license CC BY-NC. Since some funding bodies and some institutions to which authors belong require more liberal types of copyright management, the Authors can choose to publish their paper under a Creative Commons license CC BY. This option requires the payment of a surcharge (see Author Guidelines, Publication Charge).

According to both licenses, an article may be copied, displayed, distributed, republished or otherwise reused, including remixing, transforming, and building upon the material, for non-commercial purposes. Those who use this material must give appropriate credit (cite source), provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made.

With the CC BY-NC license, the Authors transfer the copyright of the article to the Ferrata Storti Foundation, which is the only body that can authorize commercial use of the article. The proceeds from this activity are used to keep publication charges in Haematologica as low as possible.

A non exhaustive list of examples of commercial reuse under the CC-BY-NC licenses is reported below.

  • Inclusion of the content of Haematologica in any publications or product for sale
  • Distribution or reprinting of Haematologica contents to promote services, product, training courses or companies and commercial organizations
  • Republication of content in presentations, brochures or other marketing materials by a commercial entity, or by any entity for commercial purposes
  • Use of the content and text and data mining activities on Haematologica contents with the goal of profit or remuneration including directly or indirectly through sale, licensing, promotion or advertising

You can obtain permission for these and other types of commercial reuse writing to marketing@haematologica.org .

With a CC BY license, anyone can use the article even for commercial purposes.

Other types of copyright management, can be agreed with the Editorial office.


Printed copies

For any printed copy of Haematologica's publication whether covered by the CC BY-NC or by the CC BY license, please contact marketing@haematologica.org