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Haematologica is a monthly, open access, online scientific journal published by the Ferrata Storti Foundation.

General information on the Haematologica journal

Readership. Haematologica has a vast audience of readers that includes not only clinicians and researchers operating in the field of Hematology, but also people interested in Thrombosis and hemostasis, Blood transfusions, Oncology, Immunology and Internal medicine. The statistics below show the use of the Haematologica website in 2022.

  • 1,392,696 Impressions
  • 975,156 Sessions
  • 635,983 Users
  • 894,161 Articles downloaded
  • 35,244 contact emails

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Scientific reputation. Haematologica is one of the top journal in the field of hematology based on the number of citations its articles receive each year. Bibliometric indicators and positions among hematology journals in 2022 are shown below.

  • CiteScore (Scopus) 13.3 (2nd of Open Access Journals)
  • Impact Factor (Clarivate) 10.1 (2nd Open Access)
  • Number of Highly Cited 2022 Papers (Web of Science):
  • Blood 67
  • Blood Advances 26
  • Haematologica 18
  • Lancet Hematology 5
  • Am J Hematol 5
  • Hemasphere 0

Information for Advertisers

Haematologica accept advertising as long as it is clearly identified as such and approved by scientific editors.

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