July, 2002
No. 87 (7)


FK506 in the maturation of dendritic cells (186 Online Views)

J Cos, T Villalba, R Parra, D Gallardo, I Bilbao, C Margarit, L Massuet

The prognostic significance of beta(2)-microglobulin in patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma (261 Online Views)

TP Vassilakopoulos, G Nadali, MK Angelopoulou, MP Siakantaris, MN Dimopoulou, FN Kontopidou, C Karkantaris, SI Kokoris, MC Kyrtsonis, P Tsaftaridis, G Pizzolo, GA Pangalis

Polymorphisms within glutathione S-transferase genes in pediatric non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (133 Online Views)

BO Dieckvoss, M Stanulla, M Schrappe, R Beier, M Zimmermann, K Welte, A Reiter

High prevalence of hepatitis G virus infection in Hodgkin's disease and B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders: absence of correlation with hepatitis C virus infection (171 Online Views)

A De Renzo, E Persico, F de Marino, G di Giacomo Russo, R Notaro, C di Grazia, M Picardi, L Santoro, R Torella, B Rotoli, M Persico

Thrombosis prophylaxis in medical patients: a retrospective review of clinical practice patterns (308 Online Views)

W Ageno, A Squizzato, F Ambrosini, F Dentali, C Marchesi, V Mera, L Steidl, A Venco


Letters to the Editor

HLA-DRB1*15 and pediatric aplastic anemia (253 Online Views)

FS Oguz, N Yalman, AS Diler, R Oguz, S Anak, MT Dorak


Case Reports

A new translocation t(11;13)(q13;q14) in a mature B-cell neoplasm (143 Online Views)

F Sole, M Salido, B Espinet, L Zamora, J Berlanga, A Domingo

Clinical Trial

Comparative Studies