June, 2002
No. 87 (6)


Enhanced macrophagic attack on beta-thalassemia major erythroid precursors (166 Online Views)

E Angelucci, H Bai, F Centis, MS Bafti, G Lucarelli, L Ma, S Schrier

Parental longevity and survival in elderly patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma (75 Online Views)

O Landgren, J Askling, PW Dickman, E Osby, U Axdorph, A Ekbom, M Bjorkholm

Different patterns of relapse after autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma: clinical results of 280 cases from the Spanish Registry (436 Online Views)

A Alegre, A Granda, C Martinez-Chamorro, J Diaz-Mediavilla, R Martinez, J Garcia-Larana, JJ Lahuerta, A Sureda, J Blade, J de la Rubia, JM Fernandez-Ranada, J San Miguel, Spanish Registry of Transplants in Multiple Myelomas, Spanish Group of Hemopoietic Transplant (GETH), PETHEMA

Possible hemostatic effect of synthetic liposomes in experimental studies under flow conditions (79 Online Views)

AM Galan, E Casals, J Estelrich, MR Hernandez, J Bozzo, J Reverter, R Mazzara, A Ordinas, G Escolara

Letters to the Editor

Inefficacy of clarithromycin in advanced multiple myeloma: a definitive report (239 Online Views)

P Musto, A Falcone, G Sanpaolo, C Bodenizza, M Carotenuto, AM Carella


Case Reports

Primitive spleen lymphoma: diagnostic and therapeutic value of splenectomy (117 Online Views)

L Izzo, B Binda, A Boschetto, L Caramanico, G Galati, E Fiori, L Lo Mele, A Stasolla

Two cases of intravascular lymphomatosis disclosing with hypopituitarism (68 Online Views)

N Schleinitz, E Bernit, K Mazodier, A Charbonnier, N Horchowski, L Andrac-Meyer, V Veit, Harle

Clinical Trial

Comparative Studies

Diagnostic value of procalcitonin serum levels in comparison with C-reactive protein in allogeneic stem cell transplantation (329 Online Views)

L Hambach, M Eder, E Dammann, A Schrauder, KW Sykora, C Dieterich, P Kirschner, J Novotny, A Ganser, B Hertenstein

Evaluation Studies