April, 2002
No. 87 (4)



Interleukin-11 induces proliferation of human T-cells and its activity is associated with downregulation of p27(kip1) (187 Online Views)

A Curti, A Tafuri, MR Ricciardi, P Tazzari, MT Petrucci, M Fogli, M Ratta, R Lapalombella, E Ferri, S Tura, M Baccarani, RM Lemoli

Vitamin E potentiates the antiplatelet activity of aspirin in collagen-stimulated platelets (211 Online Views)

A Celestini, FM Pulcinelli, P Pignatelli, L Lenti, G Frati, PP Gazzaniga, F Violi

Letters to the Editor


Case Reports

Translocation t(2;7)(p12;q21-22) with dysregulation of the CDK6 gene mapping to 7q21-22 in a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma with leukemia (376 Online Views)

V Brito-Babapulle, AM Gruszka-Westwood, G Platt, CL Andersen, MO Elnenaei, E Matutes, AC Wotherspoon, SG Weston-Smith, D Catovsky

Triosephosphate isomerase deficiency. genetic, enzymatic and metabolic characterization of a new case from Spain (137 Online Views)

A Repiso, J Boren, F Ortega, A Pujades, J Centelles, JL Vives-Corrons, F Climent, M Cascante, J Carreras

Leukaemia cutis: clinical features and treatment strategies (151 Online Views)

S Zweegman, MH Vermeer, MW Bekkink, P van der Valk, P Nanayakkara, GJ Ossenkoppele

Gigantic cutaneous lymphoma following Di Bella's therapy (99 Online Views)

R Bassan, A Reseghetti, S Cortelazzo, A Rossi, M Buelli, P Viero, T Barbui

Clinical Trial

Anti-idiotypic vaccination in the treatment of low-grade B-cell lymphoma (192 Online Views)

Y Barrios, R Cabrera, R Yanez, M Briz, A Plaza, R Fores, MN Fernandez, F Diaz-Espada

Salvage therapy with thalidomide in patients with advanced relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (432 Online Views)

P Tosi, E Zamagni, C Cellini, S Ronconi, F Patriarca, F Ballerini, P Musto, F Di Raimondo, A Ledda, F Lauria, L Masini, M Gobbi, A Vacca, R Ria, D Cangini, S Tura, M Baccarani, M Cavo

Comparative Studies

The interleukin-12 and interleukin-12 receptor system in normal and transformed human B lymphocytes (274 Online Views)

I Airoldi, R Guglielmino, G Carra, A Corcione, F Gerosa, G Taborelli, G Trinchieri, V Pistoia

Evaluation Studies