March, 2002
No. 87 (3)



Genomic instability at the human CD5 gene promoter

A Lopez-de la Iglesia, J Calvo, L Sanz-Vaque, D Colomer, L Places, J Garcia-Foncillas, E Campo, J Vives, F Lozano

The prothrombin 20210A allele influences clinical manifestations of hemophilia A in patients with intron 22 inversion and without inhibitors

EF Tizzano, JM Soria, I Coll, B Guzman, M Cornet, C Altisent, M Martorell, M Domenech, E del Rio, J Fontcuberta, M Baiget

Selecting patients for home treatment of deep vein thrombosis: the problem of cancer

W Ageno, L Steidl, C Marchesi, F Dentali, V Mera, A Squizzato, MA Crowther, A Venco

Allogeneic transplantation after reduced conditioning in high risk patients is complicated by a high incidence of acute and chronic graft-versus-host disease

J Schetelig, N Kroger, TK Held, C Thiede, A Krusch, T Zabelina, M Dubiel, O Rick, M Bornhauser, G Ehninger, AR Zander, W Siegert

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