January, 2001
No. 86 (1)



Assessment of hematologic progenitor engraftment by complete reticulocyte maturation parameters after autologous and allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (304 Online Views)

A Torres, J Sanchez, D Lakomsky, J Serrano, MA Alvarez, C Martin, C Valls, L Nevado, A Rodriguez, J Casano, F Martinez, P Gomez

Genotype and phenotype correlation in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (519 Online Views)

A Pietrapertosa, A Palma, D Campanale, G Delios, A Vitucci, N Tannoia

TT virus infection in adult beta-thalassemia major patients (149 Online Views)

M Sampietro, D Tavazzi, F Martinez di Montemuros, M Cerino, S Zatelli, G Lunghi, A Orlandi, S Fargion, G Fiorelli, MD Cappellini

Incidence of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and Hodgkin's disease in Sardinia, Italy: 1974-1993 (133 Online Views)

G Broccia, P Cocco, P Casula, Research Group on the Epidemiology of Lymphomas in Sardinia (GELS)

Molecular cytogenetic characterization of marginal zone B-cell lymphoma: correlation with clinicopathologic findings in 14 cases (160 Online Views)

A Cuneo, R Bigoni, MG Roberti, R Milani, P Agostini, F Cavazzini, C Minotto, C De Angeli, A Bardi, E Tammiso, M Negrini, P Cavazzini, G Castoldi

Splenic marginal zone B-cell lymphomas: two cytogenetic subtypes, one with gain of 3q and the other with loss of 7q (156 Online Views)

F Sole, M Salido, B Espinet, JL Garcia, JA Martinez Climent, I Granada, JM Hernandez, I Benet, MA Piris, M Mollejo, P Martinez, T Vallespi, A Domingo, S Serrano, S Woessner, L Florensa

Oxidative stress and a thrombophilic condition in alcoholics without severe liver disease (297 Online Views)

R Trotti, M Carratelli, M Barbieri, G Micieli, D Bosone, M Rondanelli, P Bo

Letters to the Editor

Case Reports

A new case of hemoglobin Chesapeake (187 Online Views)

B Granel, J Serratrice, C Badens, D Lena-Russo, P Disdier, PJ Weiller

Clinical Trial

Comparative Studies

Different geographic origins of Hb Constant Spring [alpha(2) codon 142 TAA-->CAA] (203 Online Views)

CL Harteveld, J Traeger-Synodinos, A Ragusa, M Fichera, E Kanavakis, C Kattamis, P Giordano, G Schiliro, LF Bernini