February, 2001
No. 86 (2)


Nutritional and socio-economic status in the prognosis of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (237 Online Views)

MB Viana, RA Fernandes, BM de Oliveira, M Murao, C de Andrade Paes, AA Duarte


Clinical and hematologic features of beta0-thalassemia (frameshift 41/42 mutation) in Thai patients (182 Online Views)

V Laosombat, M Wongchanchailert, B Sattayasevana, A Wiriyasateinkul, S Fucharoen

Rearrangements of the beta-globin gene cluster in apparently typical betaS haplotypes (179 Online Views)

MA Zago, WA Silva, S Gualandro, IK Yokomizu, AG Araujo, MH Tavela, N Gerard, R Krishnamoorthy, J Elion

Impact of CD133 (AC133) and CD90 expression analysis for acute leukemia immunophenotyping (326 Online Views)

C Wuchter, R Ratei, G Spahn, C Schoch, J Harbott, S Schnittger, T Haferlach, U Creutzig, C Sperling, L Karawajew, WD Ludwig

Molecular characterization of acute myeloblastic leukemia according to the new WHO classification: a different distribution in Central-West Spain (149 Online Views)

CM Chillon, R Garcia-Sanz, A Balanzategui, F Ramos, J Fernandez-Calvo, MJ Rodriguez, MI Rodriguez-Salazar, A Corrales, MJ Calmuntia, A Orfao, M Gonzalez, JF San Miguel

Microsatellite instability analysis in typical and progressed mantle cell lymphoma and B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (275 Online Views)

L Sanz-Vaque, D Colomer, F Bosch, A Lopez-Guillermo, MH Dreyling, F Bosch, E Montserrat, E Campo

Letters to the Editor

Electronic counter-related pseudoleukopenia: more than a rare occurrence (138 Online Views)

S Berliner, R Fusman, R Rotstein, D Avitzour, I Shapira, D Zeltser

An unusual acute myeloid leukemia associated with hyper IgE: another case of AML-M5c? (174 Online Views)

M Lima, A Orfao, J Coutinho, G Ferreira, I Freitas, F Silvestre, B Justica


Case Reports

T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma associated with the t(6;11)(q27;q23) (87 Online Views)

JF Nomdedeu, M Melo, O Lopez, J Rivera, A Aventin, J Sierra

Central nervous system involvement in multiple myeloma: a case report (309 Online Views)

A Campos, I Perez, MJ Moreno, MP Queipo De Llano, M Narbona, G Ramirez

Clinical Trial

Detection of recombinant human erythropoietin abuse in athletes utilizing markers of altered erythropoiesis (438 Online Views)

R Parisotto, M Wu, MJ Ashenden, KR Emslie, CJ Gore, C Howe, R Kazlauskas, K Sharpe, GJ Trout, M Xie

Primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma with sclerosis: a clinical study of 89 patients treated with MACOP-B chemotherapy and radiation therapy (204 Online Views)

PL Zinzani, M Martelli, M Bendandi, A De Renzo, A Zaccaria, E Pavone, M Bocchia, B Falini, M Gobbi, F Gherlinzoni, V Stefoni, M Tani, S Tura