July, 2000
No. 85 (7)


Folate status in Italian blood donors: relation to gender and smoking (51 Online Views)

A Cafolla, F Dragoni, G Girelli, ME Tosti, A Costante, D Pastorelli, G Bedogni, S Scott


Efficacy of the VBM regimen in the treatment of elderly patients with Hodgkin's disease (84 Online Views)

PL Zinzani, M Magagnoli, M Bendandi, E Barbieri, A Galuppi, F Gherlinzoni, M Tani, P Albertini, V Stefoni, L Babini, S Tura


Letters to the Editor

Case Reports

Difficulties in the diagnosis of primary cardiac lymphomas (28 Online Views)

P Carfagna, A Redondi, F Taglietti, M Battista, G d'Amati, C Brandimarte


Comparative Studies

Clinical Trial