August, 2000
No. 85 (8)


Allogeneic transplantation of G-CSF mobilized peripheral blood stem cells from unrelated donors: a retrospective analysis (54 Online Views)

M Bornhauser, C Theuser, S Soucek, K Holig, T Klingebiel, W Blau, A Fauser, V Runde, W Schwinger, C Rutt, G Ehninger

The lung as a target organ in patients with hematologic disorders (137 Online Views)

V Poletti, M Salvucci, R Zanchini, AL Molinari, E Zuffa, G Poletti, A Zaccaria

Letters to the Editor

Case Reports

Role of endosonography in rectal lymphoma (39 Online Views)

M Gavioli, A Bagni, C Garoia, I Piccagli, A Biscardi, G Natalini

Clinical Trial

Comparative Studies

Angiogenic factors in multiple myeloma: higher levels in bone marrow than in peripheral blood (239 Online Views)

F Di Raimondo, MP Azzaro, G Palumbo, S Bagnato, G Giustolisi, P Floridia, G Sortino, R Giustolisi

Evaluation Studies