October, 1999
No. 84 (10)


Phenotypic changes in neutrophil granulocytes of healthy donors after G-CSF administration (317 Online Views)

MA Zarco, JM Ribera, A Urbano-Ispizua, X Filella, R Arriols, C Martinez, E Feliu, E Montserrat

Induction of apoptosis by monosaccharide butyrate stable derivatives in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells (138 Online Views)

V Santini, A Gozzini, B Scappini, R Caporale, A Zoccolante, L Rigacci, E Gelardi, A Grossi, R Alterini, PR Ferrini

Hepatitis G virus infection markers (RNA and anti-E2 antibodies) in a multicenter cohort of hemophiliacs (147 Online Views)

D Tassies, M Magallon, M Quintana, RP Fernandez-Urgelles, C Rodriguez-Pinto, J Tusell, C Altisent, JC Reverter, R Mazzara, A Ordinas, J Monteagudo

The incidence of secondary leukemias (328 Online Views)

G Leone, L Mele, A Pulsoni, F Equitani, L Pagano

Letters to the Editor


Case Reports

CD30 positive (non-anaplastic) peripheral T-cell lymphoma of the thyroid gland (105 Online Views)

F Forconi, M Bocchia, S Marconcini, C Bigazzi, M Milani, G Fraternali-Orcioni, F Lauria

Numb chin syndrome in 4 patients with hematologic malignancies (99 Online Views)

JM Ojanguren, C Garcia-Monco, A Capelastegui, C Matinez, K Atutxa, T Carrascosa

Possible evolution of human parvovirus B19 infection into erythroleukemia (140 Online Views)

G Sitar, CL Balduini, L Manenti, A Castello, D Balanzin, E Ascari

Pulmonary thromboembolism in thalassemia intermedia patients (157 Online Views)

S Gillis, MD Cappellini, A Goldfarb, L Ciceri, G Fiorelli, EA Rachmilewitz

Clinical Trial

An analysis of which subgroups of multiple myeloma patients, divided according to b(2)-microglobulin and plasma cell labeling index, benefit from high dose vs conventional chemotherapy (306 Online Views)

M Boccadoro, C Tarella, A Palumbo, C Argentino, S Triolo, A Dominietto, V Callea, VM Lauta, S Molica, P Musto, F Marmont, AM Gianni, A Pileri