November, 1999
No. 84 (11)


Impact of immunophenotyping on management of acute leukemias (300 Online Views)

MC Bene, M Bernier, G Castoldi, GC Faure, W Knapp, WD Ludwig, E Matutes, A Orfao, M van't Veer

Assessment of distribution of CD34 epitope classes in fresh and cryopreserved peripheral blood progenitor cells and acute myeloid leukemic blasts (180 Online Views)

F Lanza, S Moretti, B Castagnari, F Montanelli, A Latorraca, L Ferrari, A Bardi, M Dominici, D Campioni, M Dabusti, N Piva, G Lodi, R Reverberi, G Castoldi

Letters to the Editor

Double carriers of the factor V Leiden and prothrombin (FIIG20210A) mutations: a description of four cases (228 Online Views)

AJ Gonzalez Ordonez, LM Sanchez, JM Medina Rodriguez, MA Martinez Muniz, JL Menendez Caro, MV Alvarez


Case Reports

A patient with pure red cell aplasia and Good's syndrome (151 Online Views)

Y Ito, Y Kuriyama, T Tauchi, JH Ohyashiki, K Toyama, K Ohyashiki

Clinical Trial

Fludarabine-based chemotherapy in untreated mantle cell lymphomas: an encouraging experience in 29 patients (164 Online Views)

PL Zinzani, M Magagnoli, L Moretti, R Battista, F Ronconi, A De Renzo, A Zaccaria, P Gentilini, L Guardigni, F Gherlinzoni, C Cellini, PP Fattori, M Bendandi, M Bocchia, E Aitini, S Tura

How do patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma treated with third-generation regimens (MACOP-B and F-MACHOP) fare in the long-term? (215 Online Views)

PL Zinzani, M Martelli, M Magagnoli, F Zaja, S Storti, E Pavone, VM Lauta, A De Renzo, M Gobbi, M Bocchia, F Ronconi, L Scaramucci, F Gherlinzoni, F Palombi, M Bendandi, V Stefoni, P Anticoli Borza, C Cellini, F Mandelli, S Tura