April, 2006
No. 91 (4)


The effects of glycosaminoglycans on thrombopoietin-induced megakaryocytopoiesis (139 Online Views)

I Kashiwakura, T Teramachi, I Kakizaki, Y Takagi, TA Takahashi, K Takagaki

The effect of prior exposure to imatinib on transplant-related mortality (257 Online Views)

M Deininger, M Schleuning, H Greinix, HG Sayer, T Fischer, J Martinez, R Maziarz, E Olavarria, L Verdonck, K Schaefer, C Boque, E Faber, A Nagler, E Pogliani, N Russell, L Volin, U Schanz, G Doelken, M Kiehl, A Fauser, B Druker, A Sureda, S Iacobelli, R Brand, R Krahl, T Lange, A Hochhaus, A Gratwohl, H Kolb, D Niederwieser, European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Group

Primary chronic cold agglutinin disease: a population based clinical study of 86 patients (1871 Online Views)

S Berentsen, E Ulvestad, R Langholm, K Beiske, H Hjorth-Hansen, W Ghanima, JH Sorbo, GE Tjonnfjord

PRDM1/BLIMP-1 expression in multiple B and T-cell lymphoma (362 Online Views)

JF Garcia, G Roncador, JF Garcia, AI Sanz, L Maestre, E Lucas, S Montes-Moreno, R Fernandez Victoria, JL Martinez-Torrecuadrara, T Marafioti, DY Mason, MA Piris

The natural history of hepatitis C virus infection in Italian patients with von Willebrand's disease: a cohort study (369 Online Views)

AB Federici, E Santagostino, MG Rumi, A Russo, ME Mancuso, R Soffredini, PM Mannucci, M Colombo

Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for chronic myeloid leukemia in Europe 2006: transplant activity, long-term data and current results. An analysis by the Chronic Leukemia Working Party of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) (525 Online Views)

A Gratwohl, R Brand, J Apperley, C Crawley, T Ruutu, P Corradini, E Carreras, A Devergie, C Guglielmi, HJ Kolb, D Niederwieser, Chronic Leukemia Working Party of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation

High-risk pregnancies in Diamond-Blackfan anemia: a survey of 64 pregnancies from the French and German registries (321 Online Views)

L Faivre, J Meerpohl, L Da Costa, I Marie, C Nouvel, A Gnekow, C Bender-Gotze, F Bauters, B Coiffier, PY Peaud, P Rispal, A Berrebi, C Berger, M Flesch, P Sagot, B Varet, C Niemeyer, G Tchernia, T Leblanc

The broad spectrum of autoimmune lymphoproliferative disease: molecular bases, clinical features and long-term follow-up in 31 patients (213 Online Views)

MF Campagnoli, L Garbarini, P Quarello, E Garelli, A Carando, V Baravalle, A Doria, A Biava, A Chiocchetti, A Rosolen, C Dufour, U Dianzani, U Ramenghi

High prevalence of hepatitis B virus infection in B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (325 Online Views)

F Marcucci, A Mele, E Spada, A Candido, E Bianco, A Pulsoni, P Chionne, E Madonna, R Cotichini, A Barbui, A De Renzo, F Dore, E Iannitto, V Liso, B Martino, M Montanaro, L Pagano, P Musto, M Rapicetta

Lipoprotein (a) in young individuals as a marker of the presence of ischemic heart disease and the severity of coronary lesions (197 Online Views)

E Zorio, C Falco, MA Arnau, F Espana, A Osa, LA Ramon, R Castello, L Almenar, MA Palencia, A Estelles

Letters to the Editor


Case Reports

Clinical Trial

The predictive value of positron emission tomography scanning performed after two courses of standard therapy on treatment outcome in advanced stage Hodgkin's disease (315 Online Views)

A Gallamini, L Rigacci, F Merli, L Nassi, A Bosi, I Capodanno, S Luminari, U Vitolo, R Sancetta, E Iannitto, L Trentin, C Stelitano, S Tavera, A Biggi, A Castagnoli, A Versari, M Gregianin, E Pelosi, P Torchio, A Levis

Position emission tomography with or without computed tomography in the primary staging of Hodgkin's lymphoma (339 Online Views)

M Hutchings, A Loft, M Hansen, LM Pedersen, AK Berthelsen, S Keiding, F D'Amore, AM Boesen, L Roemer, L Specht

Role of treatment intensification in infants with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: results of two consecutive AIEOP studies (120 Online Views)

A Biondi, C Rizzari, MG Valsecchi, P De Lorenzo, M Arico, G Basso, F Locatelli, L Lo Nigro, G De Rossi, G Masera

Clinical Trial, Phase I

Dose-finding study of high-dose simvastatin combined with standard chemotherapy in patients with relapsed or refractory myeloma or lymphoma (1020 Online Views)

E van der Spek, AC Bloem, NW van de Donk, LH Bogers, R van der Griend, MH Kramer, O de Weerdt, S Wittebol, HM Lokhorst

Clinical Trial, Phase II

Dose-dense R-CHOP-14 supported by pegfilgrastim in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: a phase II study of feasibility and toxicity (243 Online Views)

E Brusamolino, C Rusconi, L Montalbetti, L Gargantini, L Uziel, G Pinotti, S Fava, L Rigacci, G Pagnucco, C Pascutto, E Morra, M Lazzarino

A double-blind low dose-finding phase II study of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor combined with chemotherapy for stem cell mobilization in patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (140 Online Views)

F Lefrere, S Zohar, JL Bresson, S Chevret, A Mogenet, F Audat, I Durand-Zaleski, D Ghez, L Dal Cortivo, P Piesvaux, M Cavazzana-Calvo, B Varet