September, 2005
No. 90 (9)


The association between hereditary thrombophilias and pregnancy loss (186 Online Views)

G Lissalde-Lavigne, E Cochery-Nouvellon, E Mercier, I Quere, M Dauzat, P Mares, JC Gris

Letters to the Editor


Clinical Trial, Phase II

Comparative Studies

Hepatic expression of hemochromatosis genes in two mouse strains after phlebotomy and iron overload (185 Online Views)

A Bondi, P Valentino, F Daraio, P Porporato, E Gramaglia, S Carturan, E Gottardi, C Camaschella, A Roetto

Identification of novel cytogenetic markers with prognostic significance in a series of 968 patients with primary myelodysplastic syndromes (252 Online Views)

F Sole, E Luno, C Sanzo, B Espinet, GF Sanz, J Cervera, MJ Calasanz, JC Cigudosa, F Milla, JM Ribera, E Bureo, ML Marquez, E Arranz, L Florensa

Treatment reduction in highly selected standard-risk childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The AIEOP ALL-9501 study (125 Online Views)

M Arico, V Conter, MG Valsecchi, C Rizzari, MF Boccalatte, E Barisone, C Messina, G De Rossi, L Lo Nigro, A Pession, F Locatelli, C Micalizzi, G Basso