August, 2003
No. 88 (8)



The proteasome inhibitor PS-341 inhibits growth and induces apoptosis in Bcr/Abl-positive cell lines sensitive and resistant to imatinib mesylate (175 Online Views)

S Gatto, B Scappini, L Pham, F Onida, M Milella, G Ball, C Ricci, V Divoky, S Verstovsek, HM Kantarjian, MJ Keating, JE Cortes-Franco, M Beran

Expression of CD10 by B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells undergoing apoptosis in vivo and in vitro (64 Online Views)

F Morabito, M Mangiola, D Rapezzi, S Zupo, BM Oliva, AM Ferraris, M Spriano, E Rossi, C Stelitano, V Callea, G Cutrona, M Ferrarini

Factors predicting peripheral blood progenitor cell collection from pediatric donors for allogeneic transplantation (238 Online Views)

MA Diaz, J Sevilla, J de la Rubia, A Verdeguer, I Espigado, MG Vicent, MJ Pascual, C Zamora, R Arrieta, D Serrano, C del Canizo, C Arbona, F de Arriba, J Bargay, S Brunet, MA Sanz

Letters to the Editor


Case Reports

Clinical Trial

Phase-II study of the new aza-anthracenedione, BBR 2778, in patients with relapsed aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (122 Online Views)

P Borchmann, F Morschhauser, A Parry, R Schnell, JL Harousseau, C Gisselbrecht, C Rudolph, M Wilhelm, H Gunther, DM Pfreundschuh, G Camboni, A Engert

Comparative Studies