July, 2003
No. 88 (7)



Thrombophilic mutations are a main risk factor for placental abruption (386 Online Views)

F Facchinetti, L Marozio, E Grandone, C Pizzi, A Volpe, C Benedetto

Embryo implantation after assisted reproductive procedures and maternal thrombophilia (229 Online Views)

I Martinelli, E Taioli, G Ragni, P Levi-Setti, SM Passamonti, T Battaglioli, C Lodigiani, PM Mannucci

Chimerism status is a useful predictor of relapse after allogeneic stem cell transplantation for acute leukemia (248 Online Views)

M Barrios, A Jimenez-Velasco, J Roman-Gomez, ME Madrigal, JA Castillejo, A Torres, A Heiniger

Letters to the Editor


Case Reports

A case of adult T cell leukemia and lymphoma in an Italian woman showing different malignant clones in tumor mass and in blood (97 Online Views)

C Menin, P Bulian, F Filippi, M Buttarello, C Casado, C Lopez-Galindez, A De Rossi, L Chieco-Bianchi, A Del Mistro

Hypereosinophilia with abnormal T cells, trisomy 7 and elevated TARC serum level (89 Online Views)

AS Roumier, N Grardel, JL Lai, I Becqueriaux, K Ghomari, A de Lavareille, F Roufosse, L Prin, M Capron

Rapid detection of an a thalassemia variant (Hb Quong Sze) (160 Online Views)

V Laosombat, A Wiryyasateinkul, Y Chrangtrakul, S Fucharoen

Clinical Trial

Osteonecrosis: An emerging complication of intensive chemotherapy for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (283 Online Views)

M Arico, MF Boccalatte, D Silvestri, E Barisone, C Messina, R Chiesa, N Santoro, P Tamaro, A Lippi, D Gallisai, G Basso, G De Rossi, Associazione Italiana di Ematologia ed Oncologia Pediatrica

Comparative Studies