April, 2003
No. 88 (4)



Immunophenotypic analysis of myelodysplastic syndromes (249 Online Views)

MC Del Canizo, ME Fernandez, A Lopez, B Vidriales, E Villaron, JL Arroyo, F Ortuno, A Orfao, JF San Miguel

Sensitivity to imatinib but low frequency of the TEL/PDGFRbeta fusion protein in chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (196 Online Views)

RH Gunby, G Cazzaniga, E Tassi, P Le Coutre, E Pogliani, G Specchia, A Biondi, C Gambacorti-Passerini

Submicroscopic deletions at 7q region are associated with recurrent chromosome abnormalities in acute leukemia (179 Online Views)

R Basirico, R Pirrotta, F Fabbiano, S Mirto, L Cascio, M Pagano, G Cammarata, S Magrin, A Santoro

Hodgkin's lymphoma in the elderly with special reference to type and intensity of chemotherapy in relation to prognosis (207 Online Views)

O Landgren, C Algernon, U Axdorph, B Nilsson, C Wedelin, A Porwit-MacDonald, G Grimfors, M Bjorkholm

High plasma concentration of factor VIII coagulant is also a risk factor for venous thromboembolism in the elderly (208 Online Views)

E Oger, K Lacut, P Van Dreden, L Bressollette, JF Abgrall, MT Blouch, PY Scarabin, D Mottier

Letters to the Editor

Case Reports

A novel G-to-A mutation in the intron-N of the protein S gene leading to abnormal RNA splicing in a patient with protein S deficiency (187 Online Views)

G D'Andrea, P Di Perna, V Brancaccio, EM Faioni, G Castaman, G Cibelli, G Di Minno, M Margaglione, Protein S Italian Team

Bilateral orbital masses in a patient with B-cell chronic lymph (166 Online Views)

H Coelho, M Guerra, A Teixeira Mdos, A Canelhas, AC Pinto Ribeiro, M Lima

Clinical Trial

Lack of influence of human immunodeficiency virus infection status in the response to therapy and survival of adult patients with mature B-cell lymphoma or leukemia. Results of the PETHEMA-LAL3/97 study (172 Online Views)

A Oriol, JM Ribera, J Esteve, MA Sanz, S Brunet, R Garcia-Boyero, P Fernandez-Abellan, JM Marti, E Abella, M Sanchez-Delgado, MJ Penarrubia, J Besalduch, MJ Moreno, D Borrego, E Feliu, JJ Ortega, PETHEMA Group, Spanish Society of Hematology

Evaluation Studies