March, 2003
No. 88 (3)



Prevalence of C282Y and E168X HFE mutations in an Italian population of Northern European ancestry (213 Online Views)

A Salvioni, R Mariani, C Oberkanins, A Moritz, V Mauri, S Pelucchi, A Riva, C Arosio, P Cerutti, A Piperno

Primary bone lymphoma: experience with 52 patients (220 Online Views)

PL Zinzani, G Carrillo, S Ascani, E Barbieri, M Tani, M Paulli, V Stefoni, E Sabattini, L Alinari, R Binazzi, S Tura, M Baccarani, SA Pileri

Low transplant related mortality in older patients with hematologic malignancies undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation (137 Online Views)

L Villela, A Sureda, C Canals, MA Sanz, R Martino, D Valcarcel, A Altes, J Briones, M Gomez, S Brunet, J Sierra

Letters to the Editor

Molecular characterization of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in the Fars province of Iran (163 Online Views)

M Karimi, F Martinez di Montemuros, MG Danielli, S Farjadian, A Afrasiabi, G Fiorelli, MD Cappellini

The location of deep-vein thrombosis as a predictive factor for recurrence and cancer discovery after proximal deep-vein thrombosis (144 Online Views)

S Laporte, B Tardy, S Quenet, A Buchmuller-Cordier, S Chabaud, M Epinat, H Decousus, P Mismetti, PREPIC Study Group

The CD4+ CD56+ CD116- CD123+ CD45RA+ CD45RO- profile is specific of DC2 malignancies (206 Online Views)

F Trimoreau, M Donnard, P Turlure, N Gachard, D Bordessoule, J Feuillard


Case Reports

Successful treatment with voriconazole of cerebral aspergillosis in an hematologic patient (205 Online Views)

L Marbello, A Nosari, G Carrafiello, M Anghilieri, C Cesana, AM Cafro, G D'Avanzo, E Morra

Red blood cell phosphosphoglycerate mutase. Description of the first human BB isoenzyme mutation (140 Online Views)

A Repiso, P Perez de la Ossa, X Aviles, B Oliva, J Junca, R Oliva, E Garcia, JL Vives-Corrons, J Carreras, F Climent

The first case of a compound heterozygosity for Hb E-Saskatoon and HbS (138 Online Views)

S Theodoridou, E Plata, P Karababa, A Loutradi, T Vyzantiadis, A Manitsa

Clinical Trial

Risk and early cytogenetic response to imatinib and interferon in chronic myeloid leukemia (187 Online Views)

G Rosti, E Trabacchi, S Bassi, F Bonifazi, A de Vivo, G Martinelli, D Alberti, G Fincato, G Saglio, M Baccarani, Italian Cooperative Study Group on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Chronic myeloid leukemia in chronic phase responding to imatinib: the occurrence of additional cytogenetic abnormalities predicts disease progression (1336 Online Views)

S Marktel, D Marin, N Foot, R Szydlo, M Bua, A Karadimitris, VA De Melo, P Kotzampaltiris, F Dazzi, A Rahemtulla, E Olavarria, JF Apperley, JM Goldman

CD34+ selected autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for multiple sclerosis: report of toxicity and treatment results at one year of follow-up in 15 patients (404 Online Views)

E Carreras, A Saiz, P Marin, C Martinez, M Rovira, N Villamor, M Aymerich, M Lozano, F Fernandez-Aviles, A Urbano-Izpizua, E Montserrat, F Graus

Second-generation blood tests to detect erythropoietin abuse by athletes (928 Online Views)

CJ Gore, R Parisotto, MJ Ashenden, J Stray-Gundersen, K Sharpe, W Hopkins, KR Emslie, C Howe, GJ Trout, R Kazlauskas, AG Hahn

Comparative Studies

Evaluation Studies