November, 2002
No. 87 (11)



CD56 and PGP expression in acute myeloid leukemia: impact on clinical outcome (442 Online Views)

D Raspadori, D Damiani, M Michieli, R Stocchi, S Gentili, A Gozzetti, P Masolini, A Michelutti, A Geromin, R Fanin, F Lauria

p53 and mdm2 in mantle cell lymphoma in leukemic phase (268 Online Views)

M Solenthaler, E Matutes, V Brito-Babapulle, R Morilla, D Catovsky

Feasibility of a mixed inpatient-outpatient model of peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma (463 Online Views)

F Morabito, M Martino, C Stelitano, E Oliva, M Kropp, G Irrera, G Console, M Fujo, G Messina, S Molica, V Callea, P Iacopino

Hepatitis C virus infection in a hematology ward: evidence for nosocomial transmission and impact on hematologic disease outcome (295 Online Views)

E Silini, A Locasciulli, L Santoleri, L Gargantini, G Pinzello, M Montillo, L Foti, A Lisa, N Orfeo, E Magliano, A Nosari, E Morra

Letters to the Editor


Case Reports

Four globin gene defects in a healthy child (444 Online Views)

C Badens, F Merono, N Martini, D Lena-Russo, B Gulbis, I Thuret

Clinical Trial

Combined treatment with anti-CD20 (rituximab) and CHOP in relapsed advanced-stage follicular lymphomas (229 Online Views)

E Domingo-Domenech, E Gonzalez-Barca, C Estany, A Sureda, J Besalduch, A Fernandez de Sevilla

Comparative Studies

Evaluation Studies