November, 2000
No. 85 (11)



Long-term follow-up after fludarabine treatment in pretreated patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (145 Online Views)

PL Zinzani, M Bendandi, M Magagnoli, P Albertini, D Rondelli, V Stefoni, M Tani, S Tura

Antitumor vaccination: where we stand (190 Online Views)

M Bocchia, V Bronte, MP Colombo, A De Vincentiis, M Di Nicola, G Forni, L Lanata, RM Lemoli, M Massaia, D Rondelli, P Zanon, S Tura

Letters to the Editor


Case Reports

Isolated spleen agenesis: a rare cause of thrombocytosis mimicking essential thrombocythemia (664 Online Views)

V Chanet, O Tournilhac, V Dieu-Bellamy, N Boiret, P Spitz, O Baud, C Darcha, P Travade, H Laurichesse

Thalassemic trait caused by IVS II-1 (GAEA) mutation detected in a Spanish family (217 Online Views)

I Moreno Miralles, A Vaya Montana, MC Rosatelli, C Mameli, P Bolufer Gilabert

Acute leukemia in Jehovah's Witnesses: a challenge for hematologists (183 Online Views)

P Mazza, G Palazzo, B Amurri, M Cervellera, C Rizzo, A Maggi

8q24 translocations in blastic transformation of mantle cell lymphoma (168 Online Views)

WY Au, DE Horsman, DS Viswanatha, JM Connors, RJ Klasa, RD Gascoyne

Clinical Trial

Comparative Studies