March, 1999
No. 84 (3)


Acute myeloid leukemia M2b (116 Online Views)

H Yushu, B Shougeng, X Zhijian, M Yingchang, HZ Chao


Journal Article

Feasibility and safety of a new technique of extracorporeal photochemotherapy: experience of 240 procedures (278 Online Views)

C Perotti, L Torretta, G Viarengo, L Roveda, S Bernuzzi, S Carbone, C Del Fante, R La Torre, F Locatelli, F Bonetti, P Gabba, M Bellosta, L Salvaneschi

Letters to the Editor

Case Reports

Acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis in patients with acute myeloid leukemia in hematologic complete remission (117 Online Views)

L Pagano, LM Larocca, ML Vaccario, C Masullo, A Antinori, F Pierconti, T Tartaglione, P Cattani, L Mele, F Equitani, G Leone

Clinical Trial

Comparative Studies

Inflammation, sepsis, and coagulation (293 Online Views)

CT Esmon, K Fukudome, T Mather, W Bode, LM Regan, DJ Stearns-Kurosawa, S Kurosawa