October, 2006
No. 91 (10)


Letters to the Editor


Case Reports

The effects of rituximab treatment during pregnancy on a neonate (510 Online Views)

B Friedrichs, M Tiemann, H Salwender, K Verpoort, MK Wenger, N Schmitz

Clinical Trial

High efficacy of combined therapy with pegylated interferon plus ribavirin in patients with hemophilia and chronic hepatitis C (129 Online Views)

ME Mancuso, MG Rumi, E Santagostino, S Linari, A Coppola, PM Mannucci, M Colombo, Hepatitis Study Group of the Association of Italian Hemophilia Centers

Risk factors for death in patients with beta-thalassemia major: results of a case-control study (441 Online Views)

A Ceci, P Baiardi, M Catapano, M Felisi, P Cianciulli, V De Sanctis, GC Del Vecchio, C Magnano, A Meo, A Maggio

Clinical Trial, Phase II

Phase II clinical evaluation of deferasirox, a once-daily oral chelating agent, in pediatric patients with beta-thalassemia major (750 Online Views)

R Galanello, A Piga, GL Forni, Y Bertrand, ML Foschini, E Bordone, G Leoni, A Lavagetto, A Zappu, F Longo, H Maseruka, N Hewson, R Sechaud, R Belleli, D Alberti

Comparative Studies

Liver expression of hepcidin and other iron genes in two mouse models of beta-thalassemia (291 Online Views)

L De Franceschi, F Daraio, A Filippini, S Carturan, EM Muchitsch, A Roetto, C Camaschella

Effect of NOD2/CARD15 variants in T-cell depleted allogeneic stem cell transplantation (582 Online Views)

M Granell, A Urbano-Ispizua, JI Arostegui, F Fernandez-Aviles, C Martinez, M Rovira, J Rius, S Plaza, A Gaya, A Navarro, C Talarn, E Carreras, M Monzo, E Montserrat, J Yague

Human cell engraftment after busulfan or irradiation conditioning of NOD/SCID mice (422 Online Views)

E Robert-Richard, C Ged, J Ortet, X Santarelli, I Lamrissi-Garcia, H de Verneuil, F Mazurier

Multi-center validation of the transferability of the magnetic resonance T2* technique for the quantification of tissue iron (250 Online Views)

MA Tanner, T He, MA Westwood, DN Firmin, DJ Pennell, Thalassemia International Federation Heart T2* Investigators

Suppression of RANTES in children with Plasmodium falciparum malaria (400 Online Views)

T Were, JB Hittner, C Ouma, RO Otieno, AS Orago, JM Ong'echa, JM Vulule, CC Keller, DJ Perkins

The incidence and outcome of myeloid malignancies in 2,112 adult patients in southeast England (245 Online Views)

KJ Phekoo, MA Richards, H Moller, SA Schey, South Thames Haematology Specialist Committee

Aberrant somatic hypermutation in transformation of follicular lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia to diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (343 Online Views)

D Rossi, E Berra, M Cerri, C Deambrogi, C Barbieri, S Franceschetti, M Lunghi, A Conconi, M Paulli, A Matolcsy, L Pasqualucci, D Capello, G Gaidano

Applying the concept of healthcare-associated infections to hematology programs (356 Online Views)

S Chehata, C Grira, P Legrand, C Pautas, S Maury, M Kuentz, J Carlet, C Cordonnier

Long-term follow-up of children treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia and the recovery of beta-cell function (97 Online Views)

A Mohn, D Di Marzio, A De Berardiniis, A Di Marzio, R Capanna, G Fioritoni, F Chiarelli

Karyotype complexity and VH gene status in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (164 Online Views)

G Mehes, G Kovacs, B Kajtar, A Lacza, A Varnai, H Losonczy, L Pajor