February, 2006
No. 91 (2)


Identification of overexpressed genes in frequently gained/amplified chromosome regions in multiple myeloma (257 Online Views)

C Largo, S Alvarez, B Saez, D Blesa, JI Martin-Subero, I Gonzalez-Garcia, JA Brieva, J Dopazo, R Siebert, MJ Calasanz, JC Cigudosa


Unrelated cord blood transplants in adults with hematologic malignancies (49 Online Views)

W Arcese, V Rocha, M Labopin, G Sanz, AP Iori, M de Lima, A Sirvent, A Busca, S Asano, I Ionescu, P Wernet, E Gluckman, Eurocord-Netcord Transplant group


Letters to the Editor


Case Reports

Clinical Trial

Primary treatment with pulsed melphalan, dexamethasone and thalidomide for elderly symptomatic patients with multiple myeloma (282 Online Views)

MA Dimopoulos, A Anagnostopoulos, E Terpos, P Repoussis, A Zomas, E Katodritou, MC Kyrtsonis, S Delibasi, A Vassou, A Pouli, K Zervas, N Anagnostopoulos, A Maniatis, Greek Myeloma Study Group


Clinical Trial, Phase I

Clinical Trial, Phase II

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