April, 2005
No. 90 (4)


In chronic myeloid leukemia white cells from cytogenetic responders and non-responders to imatinib have very similar gene expression signatures (87 Online Views)

LC Crossman, M Mori, YC Hsieh, T Lange, P Paschka, CA Harrington, K Krohn, DW Niederwieser, R Hehlmann, A Hochhaus, BJ Druker, MW Deininger


Patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia with mutated VH genes presenting with Binet stage B or C form a subgroup with a poor outcome (177 Online Views)

G Tobin, U Thunberg, A Laurell, K Karlsson, A Aleskog, K Willander, O Soderberg, M Merup, J Vilpo, M Hultdin, C Sundstrom, G Roos, R Rosenquist


Analysis of VH genes in marginal zone lymphoma reveals marked heterogeneity between splenic and nodal tumors and suggests the existence of clonal selection (110 Online Views)

A Traverse-Glehen, F Davi, E Ben Simon, E Callet-Bauchu, P Felman, L Baseggio, S Gazzo, C Thieblemont, C Charlot, B Coiffier, F Berger, G Salles


Factor VIII half-life and clinical phenotype of severe hemophilia A (167 Online Views)

K van Dijk, JG van der Bom, PJ Lenting, PG de Groot, EP Mauser-Bunschoten, G Roosendaal, DE Grobbee, HM van den Berg


Letters to the Editor

Neutropenia in Iranian patients with primary immunodeficiency disorders (82 Online Views)

N Rezaei, A Farhoudi, Z Pourpak, A Aghamohammadi, M Moin, M Movahedi, M Gharagozlou


An improved method for lupus anticoagulant detection (126 Online Views)

I Alonso, F Vandermijnsbrugge, E Vanremoortele, C Bradstreet, A Efira, B Cantinieaux



Case Reports

Clinical Trial, Phase I