July, 2006
No. 91 (7)


CD45 monoclonal antibody-mediated cytolysis of human NK and T lymphoma cells (80 Online Views)

GG Wulf, A Boehnke, B Chapuy, B Glass, B Hemmerlein, R Schroers, MK Brenner, L Truemper


Estimation of bulky lymph nodes by power Doppler ultrasound scanning in patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma: a prospective study (575 Online Views)

M Picardi, R Ciancia, A De Renzo, B Montante, G Ciancia, P Zeppa, R Lobello, F Pane, D D'Agostino, E Nicolai, C Sirignano, M Salvatore, B Rotoli


Clinical and biological features of multiple myeloma involving the gastrointestinal system (426 Online Views)

G Talamo, F Cavallo, M Zangari, B Barlogie, CK Lee, M Pineda-Roman, E Kiwan, S Krishna, G Tricot


Resolution of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa outbreak in a hematology unit with the use of disposable sterile water filters (169 Online Views)

N Vianelli, MB Giannini, C Quarti, MA Bucci Sabattini, M Fiacchini, A de Vivo, P Graldi, S Galli, A Nanetti, M Baccarani, P Ricci


Letters to the Editor

Megaloblastic anemia in North Africa (158 Online Views)

C Maktouf, A Bchir, H Louzir, M Mdhaffer, M Elloumi, H Ben Abid, B Meddeb, F Makni, A Laatiri, T Soussi, A Hafsia, K Dellagi



Case Reports

Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial, Phase II

Comparative Studies

Controlled Clinical Trial

Boost of CD34+-selected peripheral blood cells without further conditioning in patients with poor graft function following allogeneic stem cell transplantation (252 Online Views)

A Larocca, G Piaggio, M Podesta, A Pitto, B Bruno, C Di Grazia, F Gualandi, D Occhini, AM Raiola, A Dominietto, S Bregante, T Lamparelli, E Tedone, R Oneto, F Frassoni, MT Van Lint, E Pogliani, A Bacigalupo