November, 2004
No. 89 (11)



In vivo reduction of erythrocyte oxidant stress in a murine model of beta-thalassemia (171 Online Views)

L de Franceschi, F Turrini, M Honczarenko, K Ayi, A Rivera, MD Fleming, T Law, F Mannu, FA Kuypers, A Bast, WJ van der Vijgh, C Brugnara

A long-term study of young patients with essential thrombocythemia treated with anagrelide (87 Online Views)

MG Mazzucconi, R Redi, S Bernasconi, L Bizzoni, F Dragoni, R Latagliata, C Santoro, F Mandelli

Infliximab treatment for steroid-refractory acute graft-versus-host disease (299 Online Views)

F Patriarca, A Sperotto, D Damiani, G Morreale, F Bonifazi, A Olivieri, F Ciceri, G Milone, S Cesaro, G Bandini, G Dini, P Corradini, R Fanin

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